I’m Back!

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Yeah, long break, huh!? Well, regardless, the blog is being revived, and with one of the best games in the series just being released, I’ll have plenty to say. Look forward to a review of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, a true milestone for Kojima Productions!



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Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Also Out For 2010!

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Kojima has stated that Peace Walker and Rising are MGS5, and that this is the more modern one.  It has already been announced that we will be playing as Raiden in Rising, although the time has not been announced.  Many theorize that it will be taking place during the events of MGS4, due to one of the teaser photos that depicts Raiden on top of what appears to be Crying Wolf.  Although I am not as excited for it as I am for Peace Walker, all you Xbox and PC fanboys will be exstatic to here that it will be going multiplatform.  Updates will be avaible when content is announced.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Out in 2010!

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One of the two new additions to the Metal Gear series is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. This game takes place between Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, and Metal Gear. It has been confirmed that we will get to play Big Boss once again, my personal favorite character. The game is going to be exclusive to the PSP platform, and updates will be added as content is announced.

Profile: Metal Gear RAY

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Name: Metal Gear RAY
Role in Game: The Navy’s fully automated counter-REX prototype, the antagonists use it as a nuclear threat.
Cause of Downfall: Destroyed by Raiden in a fight while Solidus operates it, followed by the Metal Gear Serie’s signature fight between the ultimate protagonist and ultimate antagonist.
Game Most Featured in: Metal Gear Solid 2
Description: Bluish metal body, semi-artificial organic, like Gekko, but with short range nuclear missiles, built to be amphibious, and to be deployed alone.

Metal Gear REX Profile

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Name: Metal Gear REX
Role in Game: Nuclear warhead launching bi-pedal tank, taken by terrorists and ready to launch at any target on the planet.
Cause of Downfall: Cyborg Ninja Destroying the Auto System, so Liquid (poorly) manually operated.
Game Most Featured In: Metal Gear Solid
Description: Bi-pedal tank with large cockpit, nuclear silo on back.

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check are spin off or metal gear page.