Fun Tips For MGS3

I know everyone is wondering why I don’t just make general MGS tips. Well the answer is simple, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has so many tips and secrets to offer, and even more if you own Subsistence.

Colonel Volgin Boss Fight:
1. Unequip every weapon that you have equipped, except for your RPG-7.
2. Change your camoflauge so that you are wearing the “Olive Drab” and “Mask.”
3. Equip “Russian Glowcap” and “Tree Frog.”
4. Exit Survival Viewer (Start menu.)
5. Volgin will now think you are Ivan Raikov. (Until you launch the RPG.)
6. Throw the Russian Glowcaps.
7. Launch the RPG. He will now realize you are not Ivan and charge at you. Dodge and again hit him with the RPG, he will now try to attack you with a thunderbolt, it will go to the glowcap!
8. One more shot from the RPG should take you to the second phase of the battle.
9. Hit the deck! Volgin is now going to launch a huge amount of bullets. After the second time he does this, launch a RPG at him and he will fire 10 or so bullets at you. Take the shot, it will be worth it.
10. Throw the tree frog, he will be destracted until he kills it. Launch the RPG 2 more times and he is out.
11. If you did it correctly, you should have brought him down in under a minute.

The End Dies of Old Age:
1. Begin “The End” boss battle.
2. Since it is an excruciatingly long fight, save and turn off your PS2.
3. Take out the MGS3 game disc and turn the PS2 back on.
4. Go to settings and set the internal clock 2 years forward.
5. Put MGS3 back in and resume the game.
6. You will now learn that The End died of old age, and Snake feels guilty, you’ll see why.

To Late!

1. Wait until the scene where The End and Revolver Ocelot are on the dock.

2. After the scene ends, pull out any sniper you have, and shoot him in the back of the 3 TIMES.

3. Once you get to “The End” boss fight, he won’t be there, you’ll just fight another Ocelot Unit.


2 Responses to “Fun Tips For MGS3”

  1. where’s the other tips .?

    • Workin’ on it, just got back into the site. I guarantee you they’ll be on once they are discovered, good luck with the game.

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