Metal Gears

This is Anti-Metal Gear RAYMetal Gears are (usually) bi-pedal tanks that have nuclear capability, and are the base of nearly all games in the MGS series. Although they started the game, in each game, they threaten to end it, because Metal Gear (with few exceptions) is in the hands of the antagonist. Sometimes, they are victim to “copy cats” who make knock-offs, like Metal Gear REX, and sometimes, they are mass produced such as RAY, or GEKKO. The Metal Gear project also has a very interesting history. The Metal Gear design was created by Russian engineer Granin in the 1960’s. You meet Granin as Naked Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Metal Gear later becomes a weapon of mass destruction that threatens the world many times. Although each time, Naked Snake, Solid Snake, or Raiden save the day (as far as 2014).


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